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Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that sculpts the body by removing excess fat through a small incision. It’s targets specific areas like the abdomen and thighs.


Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgery is an effective solution to manage obesity. An important step for a healthy life and weight control.


Gastric balloon

A gastric balloon operation is a non-surgical weight loss procedure involving the placement of an inflatable balloon in the stomach. The balloon is temporary and typically removed after a few months.


Other Aesthetic Operations

We also provide services in other areas of aesthetic operations. You can get information about these operations

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    Klaus K.

    When I decided to have obesity surgery, the process was quite scary and uncertain for me. However, Okabariatric’s warm welcome and professional team alleviated all my concerns.

    Before the surgery, they explained me in detail and informed me at every stage. When the day of the surgery came, the doctors and nurses reassured me with their sincerity. After surgery, I received constant support throughout my recovery process.

    Now, I have experienced a huge change in my life after surgery and I owe a large part of this to Okabariatric’s dedicated and expert team. I love you so much, Okabariatric Team!

    Martin P.

    I came to Antalya from England for obesity surgery. Mr. Hasan performed my surgery. My doctor and his team were very attentive during the pre-operative period. They answered all my questions in detail and performed all the tests necessary for the surgery. Everything went very well on the day of the surgery.
    6 months after my surgery, I have now lost 40 kilos. I feel much better. I am more energetic and healthy. After losing weight, my health has improved a lot. My chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure disappeared.

    Sabine B.

    “Bariatric surgery brought amazing results for me. Being overweight made me very uncomfortable. However, thanks to obesity surgery, I gained a beautiful appearance. My doctor was very professional and attentive during the procedure. I recommend everyone who is considering having obesity surgery to have this experience!”

    Alexander R.

    My liposuction experience was amazing. I had struggled for years with annoying pockets of fat on my stomach and thighs, and after careful consideration I decided to have the operation. The surgeon and his team were extremely professional and compassionate. They explained the entire process to me in detail and reassured my concerns. The operation itself went smoothly and almost painlessly. The results are fantastic! I feel much more confident and happy with my body. The healing was quicker than expected and I am overjoyed to have made this decision. I can recommend liposuction to anyone who wants to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat.

    Julia O.

    Bariatric surgery really changed my life a lot. I was very happy to see my new self after obesity surgery. Although post-operative care and recovery required some patience, the results were definitely worth the effort. I worked with an expert team and the results are excellent

    Anna K.

    Okabariatric clinic positively transformed my life after undergoing obesity surgery. Their professional and experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment, and warm approach supported me at every stage. Detailed pre-operative information, a reassuring atmosphere during surgery, and constant communication post-surgery are just a few of the factors that made Okabariatric my preferred choice. In the end, thanks to Okabariatric, I regained my health, and the sense of confidence I felt throughout this process left me satisfied. Thank you, Okabariatric!


    About Us

    Our company, Okabariatric, has a globally respected name as a health tourism company. We are proud to offer first-class health and aesthetic services to our customers. We provide services in various fields, especially obesity surgery. We ensure that our patients receive the highest quality service with our experienced and specialist doctors, state-of-the-art equipment and luxury accommodation options.

    We welcome you in Antalya, the beautiful city of Turkey’s tourism paradise. Whether it is obesity surgery or your other health needs, Okabariatric is always with you. We invite our patients from all over the world to experience our services. If you value your health and beauty, contact us to take one step forward in health and aesthetics.

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